Friday, July 31, 2015

Screenbids Mad Men Auction

I take a break from my cruise post to bring any Mad Men fans amongst my readers exciting news. The show may be over but fear not dear readers as Screenbid are auctioning off set pieces, props and costumes from the show. If you want to walk a mile in Don Drapers shoes, wear his suits or even drive his car this is your chance.

The auction starts on Friday, July 31 at 12 p.m. PST. The lowest starting bid for items starts at $25 with the most expensive item, being Don Drapers 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, starting at a cool $1,500.

Here are just a few of the 1384 fabulous lots on offer:
Lot 9278 of 1384: 
Don's Black Lace up Dress Shoes  

Lot 9502 of 1384: 
Pete's Tan Knit Polo and Green Cardigan  

Lot 7163 of 1384: 
Joan's White Hat Box 

Lot 5606 of 1384: 
1965 Rubber Clio Award (No Base) 

Lot 7393 of 1384: 
Don Draper Business Card Set  

Lot 2686 of 1384: 
Don Draper's 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shore Day 2 - Lifou

We awoke on our second shore day to find we had already dropped anchor in the tropical paradise that is Lifou. After a breakfast sat on deck in the sunshine admiring the beautiful view and hopped on a tender boat to the docks where we were met by a fabulous welcoming from the local choir.
After having a quick look around the markets we made our way up to Our Lady of Lourdes church on the top of the hill where there was a gorgeous view of the whole bay. On the way up we passed the entrance to Jinek Bay and considered going for a dip to check out the local marine life but in our haste to get off the boat we had failed to bring our swimmers and as I am not a confident swimmer when I am out of my depth we decided against it.
 After admiring the view and having a look inside the little church we headed back down the hill and in the opposite direction to Efate's main Catholic church. Opposite the church was a lovely little museum with information about the island, its inhabitants and their way of life.
 Inside the church was a stunningly carved altar and cross. On the way back from the church to the beach we passed some local offering to take tourists to the cave and grotto for $5. We were severely tempted but by this point I was starting to get a little sunburnt as the maleria tablets we were taking make you photosensative so I ended up with a sunburnt hairline and hands!  
 After sitting on the beach in the shade and admiring the stunning views and turquoise waters we decided to hop back on a tender and take advantage of the fact that the ship was almost empty so we spent the rest of the day in the Oasis adults only area of the ship having a few drinks, hopping in the hot-tubs and looking out on this stunning view.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Shore Day 1 - Noumea

Hello lovely readers. We're back from our holidays and I have so much to share with you so I' start with our first shore day which was in Noumea.

We arrived in Noumea at around 3pm and headed straight off the ship. Unfortunately we weren't greeted by the best weather as Noumea was pretty grey and only 19 degrees. The first thing we wanted to do was to find Le Fournil Gourmand bakery as I had heard great things about it and being a French colony Noumea has great food and pastries. Unfortunately when we found it Le Fournil Gourmand was closed and from what our limited french could decipher from the sign on the door seemed to have gone into liquidation!

Undeterred by this we decided to seek sweet delights at Chocolat Mourand so we headed in the opposite direction and made our way there. On the way we passed the harbour and the American war memorial. We also caught glimpses of the Cath├ędrale Saint-Joseph de Noumea nestled up on the hill.
Halfway through our trek to find chocolate it started to rain and we realised we probably wouldn't have time to make it to the chocolate shop and be back in time to catch our pre-booked shore tour the Tchou Tchhou train so we headed back to the terminal and went upstairs to check out the little market there. I picked up a few postcards and a pretty wooden candle holder and then we went to the shore tours marquee to wait for our tour.
Unfortunately the tours were running late which meant we probably could have made it to the chocolate shop and back in time to catch the train. This also meant by the time our tour actually set off it was somewhat dark and by the time we reached the lookouts and the places of interest the tour stopped at it was too dark to see anything much at all!
The Tchou Tchou trained stopped at  the Notre Dame de Pacific where we looked over the lights of the city and our cruise shipped docked in the distance before heading around the beaches and the bays (which we couldn't actually see as it was too dark!) stopping for some light refreshments and heading up to the gun cannons nestled high on the hill before heading back to the ship by which time it was particularly dark and rainy so instead of spending more time looking around Noumea sites as planned we headed back to the ship a little early to grab some dinner.
I have to say that Noumea was by far my least favourite port of call, although my view may have been biased by the bad weather and the fact that we missed most of it as it was dark so we didn't actually get to see any of the bays or beaches. But we found the feels of Noumea was a little like a seedier Paris in the Pacific. It had a run down feeling about it and wouldn't be the kind of place I would feel happy wandering around at night.

Although we did learn so interesting facts about Noumea from our guide on the Tchou Tchou train I would have to say it is not really worth doing in the dark as there is very little to see and whats more it is a lot cheaper to book the little green train once you get to Noumea rather than booking the shore tours through P&O.

Have you been to Noumea? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cruise Month - Cruising Time

Well we've checked out our ports of call, packed a stunning nautical themed wardrobe and picked some good reading for those days spent relaxing on board and now its finally time to set sail. We cruise tomorrow and wont be back until Saturday 25th. So I will be back on the blog on Sunday 26th with an bumper edition of 'What Emma Did' to give you a taste of what we've been up to on our holidays.

And fear not Cruise Month fans as Cruise Month will continue until the end of July as I will be posting about our trip and some cruise outfits will be popping up on the blog between Mon 27th and the end of the month.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cruise Month - Cruise reading

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Going on a cruise and being on the ocean is the perfect time to take some time out for a spot of relaxing and reading. Here are some books that will be gracing my suitcase this cruise thanks to The Book Depository.

"Tales of the South Pacific "is the iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece that inspired a Broadway classic and launched the career of James A. Michener, one of America's most beloved storytellers. This thrilling work invites the reader to enter the exotic world of the South Pacific and luxuriate in the endless ocean, the coconut palms, the waves breaking into spray against the reefs, the full moon rising behind the volcanoes. And yet here also are the men and women caught up in the heady drama of World War II: the young Marine who falls for a beautiful Tonkinese girl; the Navy nurse whose prejudices are challenged by a French aristocrat; and all the soldiers and sailors preparing for war against the seemingly peaceful backdrop of a tropical paradise.

After two grueling years on the island of Tarawa, battling feral dogs, machete-wielding neighbors, and a lack of beer on a daily basis, Maarten Troost was in no hurry to return to the South Pacific. But as time went on, he realized he felt remarkably out of place among the trappings of twenty-first-century America. When he found himself holding down a job one that might possibly lead to a career he knew it was time for him and his wife, Sylvia, to repack their bags and set off for parts unknown. " Getting Stoned with Savages" tells the hilarious story of Troost s time on Vanuatu a rugged cluster of islands where the natives gorge themselves on kava and are still known to eat the man. Falling into one amusing misadventure after another, Troost struggles against typhoons, earthquakes, and giant centipedes and soon finds himself swept up in the laid-back, clothing-optional lifestyle of the islanders. When Sylvia gets pregnant, they decamp for slightly-more-civilized Fiji, a fallen paradise where the local chiefs can be found watching rugby in the house next door. And as they contend with new parenthood in a country rife with prostitutes and government coups, their son begins to take quite naturally to island living in complete contrast to his dad."

Young Australian actress Samantha Lindsay, fresh from her success on the London stage, is thrilled when she lands the lead role in the latest Hollywood war epic to be filmed in the dramatic South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. It's the role of a lifetime. In another era, Jane Thackeray travels from her home in England to the far distant islands of the New Hebrides with her husband, a Presbyterian missionary. Ensnared in the turmoil of war in the South Pacific, Jane witnesses the devastating effect human conflict has upon an innocent race of people, and her life becomes entwined in a maelstrom of love, hate, sacrifice and revenge. On location in Vanuatu, Samantha plays a character based on the life of 'Mamma Tack', a World War II heroine who was invaluable to both the US forces and the New Hebredian natives. Uncanny parallels between history and fiction emerge and Sam begins a quest for the truth.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cruise Month - Your Cruising Wardrobe

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For me a big part of taking my first cruise is what I am going to wear. There are a number of theme nights aboard as well as dress codes for certain venues and times of day so here is a little taster of the kind of outfits I plan on wearing:

Voodoo Vixen Cruise Wardrobe 
These fabulous nautical style items from Voodoo Vixen would definitely take pride of place in my suitcase afterall if you can't go for a nautical theme wardrobe on a cruise when can you?!

Kinny & Howie Cruisewear

All these fabulous sailor themed items can be found at Kinny and Howie Retro Boutique

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Emma Did - 12th July 2015

This week I have been:
♥ Starting my packing for the cruise next week!
♥ Taking a trip to Dreamworld with the Purple Fairy and my great-niece
♥ Taking a walk along the beach to the Lighthouse Beach for a spot of lunch on my birthday
♥ Having a doctors appointment for the shots for our trip and finding out I may be coeliac!
♥ Planning to go to the Balina Fine Wine and Food Festival and then completely forgetting it was today!
♥ Receiving some lovely birthday pressies including the lovely flowers above from my nieces and nephews