Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dress Like Dita - Week 2: Green and Leopard

This weeks 'Dress Like Dita' post is based on this beautiful pussy bow dress is by Rachel Pally that Dita wore at a luncheon she hosted for the designer. I especially like the fabulous stack of green bakelite on her wrist and the Dior leopard print mary janes.

Dress Like Dita - Week 2: Green and Leopard

What Emma Did - 28th September 2014

Apologies for the super late 'What Emma Did' post this week readers. I'm now working full days 4 days a week so I need to readjust my posting schedule to make sure posts still get out in time. But for now this (last) week I have been:
♥ Getting new fish for our tank
♥ Working full days and getting very achy feet
♥ Buying new shoes to try to combat the achy feet!
♥ Shopping for fabric to make a new skirt (I will post a pic when I make it)
♥ Getting our car repaired after it broke down spectacularly on us last week

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Daily Outfit - Atomic Rockets

I recently picked up this Lazybones dress in my local op shop for the bargain price of $5. I spotted the fantastic atomic rocket and planets print from across the shop and knew it had to be mine. I teamed it up with a little cardigan as it was slightly chilly and this cute atomic star-burst brooch I picked up from The Crave Yard. I've since found out that the also do them in yellow and pink so I will definitely be snapping up one of each of them as well.
Lazybones dress - Thrifted
Lemon cropped cardigan - SES
Hair flower - Kmart
Sunglasses - Vintage
Atomic Starburst brooch - The Crave Yard

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dress Like Dita - Week 1: Scarlet Lady

Regular readers of the blog will know how much I adore the divine Dita von Teese. I love her sense of style whether it be casual daytime outfits or sophisticated evening wear so I have decided to start a new weekly section on the blog called dress like Dita in which I will tell you how to recreate an outfit she has sported.
Today's outfit is this ravishing all red look she sported whilst on the way to auditions for her show Strip Strip Hooray!

Dress Like Dita - Week 1: Scarlet Woman

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Emma Did - 21st September 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks dear readers. I have been a little busier than normal as I started working at the bakery and we even popped in on the Hubby's day off to help out with some extra cleaning.  Whats more we had my sister in law niece and great niece stay for the weekend so we've been busy busy busy. I will try to get back to a regular posting schedule next week but for now this week I have been:
♥ Working at the bakery
♥ Picking up some goodies for my great niece for when she arrived this weekend
♥ Enjoying an Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine or two with my sister in law and niece
♥ Taking my great niece to Macadamia Castle
♥ Having a leisurely Sunday lunch at the RSL
♥ Reading Stabbed Ego by Luke Kennedy the new owners of the gym where I used to work 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Emma Did - 14th September 2014

This week I have been:
♥ Playing Sims 4 after finding it was on sale in Big W for just $58
♥ Reading Taman Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery by Kerry Greenwood
♥ Starting work at the bakery!
Enjoying a $7.50 roast dinner at our local RSL 
♥ Attempting to go to Frock up Brisbane only to have our car break down on us on the way! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#RE2014 - Cultivating Simple Pleasures

"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex.” ― Oscar Wilde

Like my favourite movies protagonist Amelie I adore simple pleasures. So today I thought I'd repost a post I shared a few years back detailing my favourite things. They are as follows:

♥ squishing wet sand between my toes
♥ the feel of the sun on my skin
♥ watching the sun rise on a summer morning
♥ cracking open a boiled egg and pushing in a toast soldier so the yoke runs over the top
♥ swinging high on a swing and watching the sky zoom past overhead
♥ riding a carousel
♥ star gazing on a clear warm night
♥ the smell of a blown out candle
♥ standing on the porch and watching the lightning on a stormy night
♥ climbing into a freshly made bed and smelling the clean sheets
♥ feeling a soft kiss on the back of my neck
♥ my hubby stroking my forehead as I fall asleep
♥ cuddling up by the fire on a cold winters night
♥ picking the first flower of spring and wearing it in my hair
♥ sitting in my Nan's garden, shelling freshly picked peas from their pod
♥ curling up with a cup of tea and a good book

What are your favourite things dear readers? ... x